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Rebecca Naddamba Was Punished For Indecent Mode Of Dressing

My dress my choice’ won’t help Rebecca from facing disciplinary action. The female student is being punished for rocking a skirt which was cut into many strips and which exposed too much of her body.

Pictures of Rebecca Naddamba went viral on the internet thanks to the skimpy dress she wore at a public function. The Makerere University student rocked a threaded dress that exposed too much of her body ought not to be seen by everyone Rebecca’s dress angered Makerere University administration who decided to take disciplinary action against her for what they termed as tainting the school’s reputation.

The 3rd year Bachelor of Education student was summoned by the school administration to face disciplinary action.

“It is alleged that the picture last Friday (May 27) in the social media in red and red robe-like skirt, but cut into many strips that exposed part of nakedness, was your picture…. The purpose of this letter is therefore to request you to show cause why you should not be presented to the University Student Union disciplinary committee for breach of regulation. University regulation 8 (a) states that every student shall respect him/herself and behave in a manner that will not bring his/her name and that of the university into disrepute,” the letter addressed to Rebecca’s read.

Makerere University’s decision to take disciplinary action against Rebecca drawn condemnation from social media with most people interpreting the move as a scheme to limit personal freedoms at the academic institution.

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