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Kenyans highly praise Lillian Muli for showing maturity towards her ex husband on Father’s Day (Photos)

Even though they are no longer man and wife, Moses Njuguna Kanene still commands great respect from Lillian Muli. Kenyans were dumbfounded by how the Citizen TV anchor treated her ex husband on Father’s Day.

Lillian Muli’s marriage crumbled because her husband ‘found another well to drink from’; the Citizen TV anchor filed for divorce in 2016 citing adultery, cruelty and desertion as the reasons why she wanted the court to annul her marriage Apparently Lillian Muli is not the kind that holds grudges, the beautiful Citizen TV anchor has no ill feelings towards her ex husband.

She proved this when she sent Moses Kanene a message on Father’s Day reminding him that their son loves him so much.

“Happy Fathers Day to the Father of my Child Moses Kanene we have an amazing son and he Loves you to Bits,” wrote Lillian Muli.

Her message mesmerized Kenyans who hailed her for demonstrating high level of maturity. Below are some of the reactions to Lillian Muli’s post:

Moses Njuguna Kanene

ayiela_b: If someone can afford to loose someone like Lilian..mi sijui wanaume wanataka nini sasa…anyway mama..kudos for that…tho hii story ya kusameana..mi sitaki…

lilmuli:@ayiela_b lol Aki you

kish_sweet22: This is good @sowairina uve been a good example to women let’s bury hate and grow love

purity.__muthoni: Awesome @lilmuli

essywamucii: @lilmuli I admire your maturity

ladygold: chainsBless. Happy Father’s Day to him.

Njogushiro: Lovely happy father’s day to him..

beth_gatwiri: Happy fathers day to Mr Kanene.# Maturity is when you appreciate another partner for their good deeds even if you are not together. Congrats @lilmuli

call_me_lizah: Happy fathers day to him

wanyathira: I salute you Lilian, maturity at it Best, happy father’s​ to him👏👏

josemwikali: Wow @lilmuli …i admire you.may God bless you.

adhiambo4004: Wow! So sweet.

teresian12: Kudos….maturity to the max!

v_mwachi: That’s a gud one ryt there single mums should learn from this.. put bitterness hatred aside for the sake of u kids big up @lilmuli

dogotekky: Means u forgave n let swt, let me do so to my ex

jona_le_powerman: Wow,,wow,,wow,,,sister,,this is the best point I hear from you this year,,,,God bless you

ennkiennki77: Happy Father’s day 👏👏👏

jona_le_powerman: Great great great,,,the best point ever,,everyone learn from this@lilianmuli

terrynzau: Am touched. I will bury the hatchet

makena.caroline: Wow! This is good

mutavebeautiful: @lilmuli woooow you just have a big heart I just like this.kamba gals got big brains n hearts 👍👍

msafirifatuma65: Wow its lovely

charitymuriuki: That’s nice @lilmuli

mutheu8546: Wow that’s so nice

qlevor98: For the benefit of the kid burry the hatch. Lovly @lilmuli

allan_juma1: @lilmuli, This is mature of someone of your stature! Salute

daniehannah: I salute you

mwendemc: That’s quite deep @lilmuli. Blessings!

lizz_wambui: This is great,it takes alot of marurity to acknowledge him..

sheilaemilyakinyi: Amen sista

mutua_steve: @lilmuli I celebrate women of dignity like you. That was awesome

betty_muinde: #maturity

gicheronjege: @lilmuli now that’s maturity. Much respect for you particularly for this. Hats off. God bless. Proud of you

sashanimmo_: That’s the attitude girl! Love you

adikalyne: Wow nice one dear

tinnatish: Now this is Maturity👌👌

vee_viane: Great

phyly_nderitu: 2U just mature

collinsandalo: That is awesome Lilly!

benjah254: djbAwesome

winstoneh: Maturity

robert.klim: @lilmuli I am touched. This is really really awesome. God bless you

saidamrembo: I love you for this . Big ups hun

ladiemo_dume: loHappy fathers day to him

chaloooh: #maturityreloaded

joselynkieti: Nyc @lilmuli i hope @bettymuteikyallo cud do the same! Kudos

kasia.daniel: I love this lilian,I join you to wish him happy fathers day

abu.young: So handsome, wish it is possible u 4give each other and get back together

eye_em_see: This changed my attitude.

Shirumurigu: Spot on

mbulahjubillet: Kudos, maturity indeed.

Sospeternyenjeri: Kudos Lilmuli, you hv demonstrated how healthy things should be done

tonniemu2: Wow #maturity

rozymaryandrew: How i wish kyalo should learn from you, that’s awesome @lilmuli

justohkenya: You have done something great lilmuli

kevinkariuki430: True love never dies that easily i wish all the other ladies can do the same way, but it takes a true heroe to do it,anywei happy father’s day to him

ericbwo_omare: Somebody told me that, the person u have slept with in the same blanket not easy to forget him/her.Good one Lillian wapi kayamba

akinyieodongo: It’s called maturity #Blessings

jacqueedwards: Now this is some strong women shit💯Growth to the core!🙌🏿

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